Sinergics that begins with a few people with an educational background in Information Technology as well as experience working in several software development and telecommunications companies continue to strive to deliver innovation in developing products and engineering services for information technology can be applied in various industrial fields. Development of innovation begins with research of information technology products, so that eventually can develop solutions according to demand and even exceed customer expectations. Products and services are in the beginning of development of information systems to facilitate the consumer in managing information and management of the organization (company) with a digitizing system to model "paperless office".

About Us

Sinergics. A group of people highly specialised in communicating with the Net, computer solutions and unusual marketing. We obsessivly seek solutions and details that bring competitive and economic advantages thorugh innovation. Internet was born. Not many knew what it was, even fewer believed in it. We were there


The markets are conversations.

Communication between people and with companies must improve.

Sinergics aims to create new information passageways. With the Net, the technologies, the new approaches. Because time is the new currency and incomprehension is the new threat.


In order of importance.

Put good ideas into practice

Study optimal solutions and realise them. The culture of thinking and doing. We all like planning and completing a good project. It brings true satisfaction.

Make a profit

Sinergics is a business, and businesses exist to make a profit, otherwise they don't last long. Many won't talk about it. We like to be clear and include it in our philosophy. In second place.

Be serene and concentrated

Agitated, tense people create bad projects. We believe in speaking clearly, in listening carefully, in setting out and resolving the problems, in the positive tension at the conclusion of a project.


It is our habit to deal with the people who work with us and with our clients, guided by three principles:


We don't tell lies. Amongst ourselves and to our clients. We have learned that it is neither right nor useful.


We are coherent with the values that we believe in. We propose solutions only when we are convinced they are right.


We appreciate and respect those who behave correctly. That's our way of working.

This may sound like a boy scout's promise, but we believe that being honest, coherent and moral is what makes our clients faithful and Sinergics a good company.


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Sienergics creates and realizes projects  for web and digital media.

The team is organised to handle the most diverse requests coming from the market: from a strategic proposal with a real USP to the creation of carefully selected contents.

SinergicsTM is subdivided into four areas, which handle the definition of goals, project implementation, the attainment of objectives and the changes to be made, if any.

Deals principally with gathering and elaborating the client's needs during a dedicated briefing that highlights the salient characteristics and strategic objectives. On the basis of the profile that emerges, draws up the guidelines according to which the service is developed.

In this stage we move from the analysis to the individual contents of the overall communication project, which lead to the identification of the graphic project and the design most functional for the objectives established.
For this purpose particular emphasis is placed on the analysis of usability, of user experience and accessibility.

The aim of this area is to supply the technical support necessary for the creation of the sites; and to foresee the application and maintenance of the hardware/software systems in use.

The editorial team selects and creates copy, images and animation made to measure for the project, both at the start-up and at the production stage


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